​​🔥We made a Marathon for freshers on previous week. Most of people just exited of what they got😎👨‍🏫

This is only one feedback which we got. Tomorrow i will show more.

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​​‼️Get our service for free‼️

How will it works?
Open real account with Axi Trader or move from your old broker. For that you will get our service for free.


🔥3-month signals when you open account and deposit 1000 $
🔥3-month signals + training course + ATR indicator + Risk manager soft= 10k $ of deposit
🔥monthly personal coaching + ATR indicator + Risk manager soft = 50k $ of deposit
🔥VIP YEARLY personal coaching + access to all our services = 250k $ of deposit

Why Axi Trader?
✅ Low requotes
✅ Zero Deposit/Withdrawal commission
✅ Lowest spreads
✅ Lowest swaps

‼️Use this special link for registration 👉 https://bit.ly/FCA_Regulated_Broker
Only those who open account with that link can participate in offer.

Video, why i use that broker 🎦➡️ https://youtu.be/fynmKRxvVZg

1. What is your benefit?
- We are a partner of Axi, they pay for for that. You will not be charged for anything. Every company pay when you introduce customers to them.

2. Will my money be safe?
- In all cases you need a broker for trading. We use Axi because of FCA regulation and 2 years experience. Currently i have nearly 300k there with my investors. For 2 years i didn't have any problem.

3. Will i be able withdrawal that money?
Yes, at any time. But i think after their spreads and fast execution you will stay)

4. How can i get your service if i already open and deposited account?
will get our service if you used our link when you opened an account. After deposit write here 🚀Telegram - http://t.me/k_bikotradingbot . My team will send you all accesses.

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EUR/USD, Follow the trend


You will learn the best place where we can trade this instrument at low risk.
Write in the comments all your questions and instruments analysis of which you want to see.

Friends, push the like button, write a comment, and share with your mates - that would be the best THANK YOU.

P.S. I personally will open entry if the price will show it according to my strategy.
Always make your analysis before a trade.
Your best "❤️thank you" is like and comment on TradingView

Our crypto channel: @Biko_Bitcoin

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📝Learn How to trade key levels strategy

Today i want to share with you my Favorite trading Strategy which based on | 🎥ATR + Key Levels
Lesson here 👉 https://youtu.be/HN53eW0pvd4

Also, we recorded lessons about ATR & Key levels - that will help u fully understand all topics.

🎥 Key levels 👉 https://youtu.be/nE2D2bUnIj4

🎥ATR - best indicator ever 👉 https://youtu.be/oh02cBoiSeA

My Friends, it's 100% for free because we love you your support and trust. Best thank you would be share those lessons with your Friends - traders. Thank you❤️

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