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Brokers. Many of u ask me. Yuriy, please tell what broker is good for trading.
I would like to share a company which i personally use with you.

Trustful FX broker, FCA regulated👉 https://bit.ly/FCA_Regulated_Broker

Why this broker is good

1. I personally trade with it on 300k account.
2. FCA regulation. i hope it means something to u.
3. Lowest spreads and commission.
4. Easy and fast Deposit/withdrawal.
5. No slippage / No requotes.
6. On Trustpilot 4,5 score.

Those who open account using our partner link i prepared bonuses.

✅ Risk Manager soft for free (real cost $500). You will be able to set max DD per day or position. It will protect your account from blowing. Especially if u work with account managers.
✅ Half Automatic robot which trade key levels (real cost $1500). You will put a key level and direction into which it will trade. This will be useful for those who trade false break out of key levels.

When you will do it write here👉 http://t.me/k_bikotradingbot

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New lesson: Best Indicators for Day Trading | MA, RSI, MACD Bollinger bands, Volume
Many of u had asked me about best indicators which i use in trading. I think it's important to make one lesson where all of you will get your answers.

👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D87uXxjbQGc&feature=youtu.be

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Write in comments below lesson, what topic is important to you. I will choose interesting topics and record lesson for free on YouTube.

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​​Today i have posted idea about GBP/JPY on TradingView

That idea based on ATR and key level. So many of you have asked me about ATR. What is it and how does it work.
Open my full lesson about it: 👉 https://youtu.be/oh02cBoiSeA

P. S. Best "thank you" ❤️ is to share it with your Friends - traders and push like and subscribe on YouTube❤️.

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