If BTC is keep facing resistance and rejection at 10K point then it might go into correction to test 8500/9k region but that shall be counted as a correction

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#KM | BTC LTF Analysis

Daily close shaping up pretty ugly, especially if below 9360. Would likely enter a scalp short the 24 hours after if that happens.

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BTС reached 9476! Second target done. With cross leverage this is + 400% profit achieved for us in 8 hours. My position closed successfully. Congratulations for VIP members

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Exchange: BitMex
Entry at 9800 - 9900
Sell at 9700 - 9500 - 9300 - 9100
Remember to open SHORT position!
Use cross leverage (3-5% balance) or 10-20x leverage with 10% balance
Stop Loss : above 10100

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BTCUSD - продаю

Цели 9600-9500-9400-9300.

Стоп ЗА 9870 (берите запас хода на СТОП 60-100п). Мой стоп на 9910. Сравнивайте со своими котировками!

Мой риск НЕ выше 2% от депозита

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