English: We open a set in the "Warehouse" chat»
Price for half a year 60$
Price for Premiun subscribers 50$

This chat is created to buy channels that do not exist anywhere.

Let's say the channel costs 0.01. We are 20 people, that is, we add up to 0.0005

What is a paid subscription for?
If everything is free, then we are waiting for some bans.


29.03.2020 Комментарии Telegram

​​🐳 want to share with u one of the best channel for bitmex trading

This guy is pro-trader on bitmex. He has took all previous bitcoin mooves - short then long and again short.

Bitmaster shares his knowledge with his subscribers. There are a lot of absolutly free calls which can help you to earn money.

Specify Longs and shorts.

Stories and results will be in this channel

27.03.2020 Комментарии Telegram

XBT reached 8725! Second target done. With cross leverage this is + 210-220% profit achieved for us in 2 hours. My position closed successfully. More signals are available in VIP channel. You can contact for join. Congratulations for everyone who follow

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