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25.08.2019 Комментарии Telegram

Many wanted to know more about our project and we will give them a chance.

Planeta used to be called POEESK, we changed the name and politics, now we the software and not just a website with lots of features.

Planeta (the planet) is a program to many devices in which you will be able to use their Internet safely, without any risk, we guarantee you the confidentiality of your information since your information is stored on your devices on our servers is the core, development and services, your logs for input, nothing more.

What makes us different?
We differ in that we are helpful in our program, you will not be able to find pornographic materials, unwanted information and viruses, as an automated moderator scans all the information that you want to send the user on display in our project has a strict policy of usefulness, we don't do anyhow projects, which many do, we do for the future and free.

What do we have?
The project's main activities is research work, which is largely different from the standard that we have now.
We have a lot of services have similar issues, but they are unique with their capabilities, which are not present in the Internet.

What we get from the project?
We get only THANKS (Any donation amount), we don't force people to pay for our projects, as do many other projects.

Which platforms are supported?
Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS

The project is not fully tested and will be available September 15 in create account may include more tested functions.

If someone is not clear, it is a program that many opportunities.

I think you understand what the project and assess its usefulness, do not forget to tell your friends about it, as the Trend in our project will be the first results useful ticks. :)

Author: @Coinov_TM

Our chat: @Planeta_of_Chat_English

Are you in business?

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New technology is great progress, but it is significant if everything is done deliberately for people, and not in the pocket.

24.08.2019 Комментарии Telegram