🆙⚒ #update #MasterTagAlertBot

🔄 Deep-links to add or remove hashtags have been modified:

🔹 prefix: telegram.me/MasterTagAlertBot?start=
🔹 then: add or del (remove)
🔹 finally: _ (one underscore) followed by the hashtag
🔹 multiple: to add/remove multiple hashtags with the same link simply append __hashtag2 (two underscores)

⚠️ Please note that due to limitations recently introduced by Telegram, it is no longer possible to add/remove hashtags containing stressed letters with the link (you can still do it under Settings).
Characters allowed:

🔸 telegram.me/MasterTagAlertBot?start=add_HashtagToAdd
🔸 telegram.me/MasterTagAlertBot?start=del_HashtagToRemove
🔸 telegram.me/MasterTagAlertBot?start=add_hashtag1__hashtag2__hashtag3

You can also use the command directly in the chat with the bot (with one or more hashtags):
/add #hashtag1 #hashtag2
/del #hashtag1 #hashtag2

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