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✔️Total supply
100,000,000,000 TALC

Circulating Supply
2,829,669.503 TALC

2,519 Address

Website: ❌
ID 1002646

📖Wither paper: https://t.me/Talesh_coin/243

06.07.2020 Комментарии Telegram

AFDLT (AfroDex Labs Token)

✅Contract address: 0xD8a8843b0a5aba6B030E92B3F4d669FaD8A5BE50

🌐 Website: ✅ afrodex.net

Total Supply:

1,000,000,000,000,000 AFDLT


1,715 address

06.07.2020 Комментарии Telegram

​​Token holders! we will inform about your token in @taleshtoken groups. If you want to distribute information about the token, we ask you to join our group and send information to @Taleshinfo_bot 👈. We will expose information on Twitter (twit, retwite), Discord, Telegram chanal, Telegram chat.

04.07.2020 Комментарии Telegram

Friends, if you want to additionally receive a reward for your activity, we discard coins on Twitter. Subscribe to our Twitter and stay tuned for our updates.

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