Delusions about survival!

There are several very well-known myths about survival in the wild, which I have already tested on my own experience and now I'm going to completely dispel for my subscribers .

• The first myth is very important. Because of it, you can easily go astray, get lost in the forest, and even die. It says that moss only grows on the Northern part of trees. I think they still heard about it from school books. Based on my experience I would say that this is completely wrong. From a biological point of view, I can't say why this happens, but I saw moss from completely different sides of trees, regardless of their location relative to the poles of the earth. So when navigating the area, I would recommend that you use more reliable methods.

• The second myth says that when approaching danger in the wild, you need to be as quiet as possible. This is also not true and apply to absolutely any animal. Whether it's a snake, a wolf, a bear, or a hare fighting for its life, you need to appear as loud and large as possible, never show your helplessness and submission, and not look the beast in the eye. Only in this case, you will be able to survive.

• The third myth says that food and water are the priority for survival. This is also not true. The most important thing is shelter. Without water and food, you can last a couple of days, but falling asleep on the ground in the open air, you probably will not be able to survive even your first night, especially in the cold season.

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