💬 Chat by interests
The app connects you with a random person for a few minutes to discuss a topic proposed by the app. You can choose text or video chat. There is should be a strict moderation, so a report system should be perfectly configured.

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Mailing list analytics
A service that allows to measure clickthrough rate, conversion rate, bounce rate, list growth rate, emailing sharing/forwarding rate, open rate, unsubscribe rate, and more in mailing lists.

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Mailing list analytics
A service that allows to measure clickthrough rate, conversion rate, bounce rate, list growth rate, emailing sharing/forwarding rate, open rate, unsubscribe rate, and more in mailing lists.

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Educational platform
A service that connects teachers and students. For teachers, the service helps to create educational materials without a need to promote them and find the right audience, that relies on the platform.

For students, it helps to find educational materials, aggregates the courses. Therefore I, as a student, don’t need to grab a math course from Harvard, a biology course from Coursera and so on. The service helps to build an education plan.

Why does it matter? Fundamentals are great to learn in school (mostly), but the further education in universities/colleges can be boring as there is a lot of non-practical, outdated information.
Such situation creates an opportunity for the best teachers to teach other people who really need and want to be educated.

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Email extract
An app that loads a list of URLs from csv/excel/txt, scraps the websites and extracts email(s).
It's a popular freelance task.

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​​Trend: Jade Roller
Jade rollers are a rapidly growing category in the beauty space.

What are they? Jade rollers are essentially rounded jade stones that you roll on your face. The selling point is that jade rollers can reduce puffiness. Especially around the eyes.

In fact, many “jade roller obsessives” state that these handheld devices have helped them find relief for a host of health problems, from rosacea to headaches.

Why the uptick in popularity? Unlike many of today’s beauty and skin care products, jade rollers are relatively affordable (they typically cost between $20-$30).

They also look interesting. Which helps them stand out on visual platforms, like YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram (the #jaderoller hashtag has 102,781 results in IG).

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Today’s business idea:
Home services
A service that allows you to hire services related to plumbing, repairing, cleaning, tutoring, any kind of help to your home.
It can be a platform that connect customers and the people who provide the services. With a review system, transparent pricing.

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Health inspector
An app that allows you to save and keep track of clinic records/visits, illness history.
All the written records can be converted to a digital format, so it's okay when you forget the paper clinic records. The app could do that.
The app is targeting the customers convenience, although there are ways to cooperate with businesses(clinics).

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On creating a product or an appendage

If I'm going to start a SaaS business, what type of product should I make? Should it be an appendage or an independent product?

By appendage, I mean a product that is built on top of another product. For instance, a browser extension for Medium to enhance the reading experience, a tool to schedule Instagram posts, a tool to extend or enhance the Shopify experience.

By an independent product, I mean a product that is valuable by itself. Shopify, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

On the first hand, choosing a self-sustained product means you're not dependent on other APIs/services. You don't need to adjust the functionality/features to the new release. That is the opposite of appendages. The customers pay for a product because it has value without other services or additional hustles. Again, that is also the opposite of appendages.

It seems the right way to start a SaaS venture is to create a product, not to build something over something. Is it? What about the competition? Sure, we can build a great product. We miss the point that it's hard to market the product after release. It depends on a niche though. By choosing a small niche, we can be sure there are fewer competitors.

Building on top of another product gives us privilege. We know, there is a market for the product we build over. We know, there are problems with the product we can solve, that's why we decided to build our tool.

What way we should choose? Share in the comments or in the @startupdis
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Aayush will share answers to 3 key questions:
🔸What are the stages of the product life cycle?
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