Newsletter Syndicate
Problem: There’s a new wave of independent email newsletter subscription publishers; however, it’s hard to keep track of these and there’s no central platform to read their writings

Solution: As I see it, newsletters are simply the instantiation of syndicated publishers, columnists, or writers going directly to their audience rather than being at the whim and mercy of a larger news publisher. Before, a mark of a great writer was being syndicated in dozens of publications (having recurring columns that are published in multiple periodical publications). Now, and I argue moving forward, the mark of a great writer will be someone who has a dedicated and monetizable following (a la James Clear, Tim Ferris, Morning Brew, and more). Why not create a business that merges the prestige of syndicated columnists with the monetization of traditional independent email newsletter publishers.

One example of a publication that is moving in this direction is The Pudding recently released a newsletter called “Winning the Internet.” Every hour, a Google Script runs that parses the links from the emails and saves them to a log dump. Data for the charts are computed, including a a 7-day rolling average of rate of newsletter appearances.

18.09.2020 Telegram